Small and medium-sized furniture manufacturers should pay attention to the choice of CNC opening machine
At present, CNC opening machine has three basic categories, such as entry type, basic type, high-end type, complete models, so that the furniture factory has more choices, do not worry about their economic strength can afford.
Now there are a lot of small and medium-sized furniture manufacturers, their demand is not high, when the choose and buy equipment, if machinery and equipment manufacturers have been introduced high-end equipment, so for them, they are rarely used these high-end equipment many function, but also can increase their acquisition cost, in short, you need to select more suitable for their own equipment.
Small and medium-sized furniture manufacturer at the time of choosing the numerical control cutting machine, not just the equipment model selection problem, also will meet problem of the equipment manufacturer judgment, sales of mechanical equipment manufacturers on the market a lot, many promotional information, all say oneself good, true, many clients wanted, don’t know how to judge, encountered such a problem, Do not sit still, you need to personally go to investigate, the strength of the manufacturers are not afraid of customers visit, they have their own independent production workshop, can let customers see the real machine operation and processing effect, for customers to customize the program, determine the more matching equipment, do not worry about spending money.
After investigating the strength of the manufacturer, we also need to know whether the manufacturer can provide after-sales service and machine training services. If only the equipment is provided, the service is not, then how to do the equipment operation and how to do the machine failure? If only provide equipment, do not provide service, equipment in the use of frequent failure, then for furniture factories, need to hire a separate person to repair, maintenance cost increase, waste of time cost, is a large amount of expenditure. If you buy equipment in Shandong Shenya CNC here, these problems do not have to worry about, we not only provide you with reliable quality, stable performance of equipment, pre-sale, sale, after-sales three major services are provided for you, no matter what problems you encounter, Shenya CNC will be timely for you to solve.
For small and medium-sized furniture manufacturers, the main purpose of purchasing machinery and equipment is to save production costs, improve processing efficiency and processing quality, so the choice of equipment is very important. Shenya CNC can provide customers with carbon dioxide CNC cutting machine, CNC opening machine, automatic edge sealing machine, CNC drilling equipment and panel furniture production line, entry type, basic type, high-end type, all kinds of equipment models complete, welcome to come to buy.

Post time: Sep-20-2022